Dapper Linux Limited

Dapper Linux Limited is a startup focused on bringing the world an easy to use, secure operating system. We take pride in being fully open source, and being a part of the open source community. Dapper Linux Limited are always seeking the latest improvements in software and enjoy staying on the bleeding edge of innovation.

Dapper Linux Limited is New Zealand based, in the lovely garden city of Christchurch. Operating out of the Computer Science and Software Engineering department at the local University, Dapper Linux is here to stay.

Why Dapper Linux?

Dapper Linux has been built from the very best and latest open source software with security in mind. With Dapper Linux, you can rest assured that you will be heavily resistant to attacks. All while still being easy to use, and being unobtrusive in every day tasks. Give Dapper Linux a try today.

Open Source

Dapper Linux is open source software, and is built on efforts of the wider open source development community. You can download the source code and build Dapper Linux yourself, or audit the code easily. Dapper Linux is designed for you to be able to learn and build your own improvements.


Dapper Linux was created as part of a summer entrepreneurship program at the University of Canterbury, where students get to create their own businesses and learn from local leaders in business. Matthew is happy to share his experiences in creating a startup to anyone interested.

Meet The Team

Matthew Ruffell

Founder, Lead Developer

Matthew is a PhD student at the University of Canterbury, and started Dapper Linux Limited out of his interest in computer security and entrepreneurship. Matthew likes Linux, dancing and sports cars.

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