Announcing Dapper Linux 27

19 January 2018 by Matthew Ruffell Thoughts

It's time for another major announcement, and that is the release of Dapper Linux 27! Dapper Linux 27 is the next generation of flagship secure operating systems by Dapper Linux Limited. Dapper Linux is designed from the ground up to keep you safe and secure.

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Announcing Dapper Secure Kernel Patchset

20 October 2017 by Matthew Ruffell Thoughts

Its about time to write a blog post to announce a little side project that I have been working on over for the last few months. As much of the Linux security community is aware, in April 2017, Grsecurity announced that they were discontinuing their publicly available "test" patchset, which bolstered and dramatically improves the security of the Linux kernel.

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Announcing Dapper Linux 26

10 September 2017 by Matthew Ruffell Thoughts

It's time to announce the availability of Dapper Linux 26, the latest release of the flagship secure operating system by Dapper Linux Limited. Dapper Linux 26 is filled with all sorts of great features designed to bring you an easy to use operating system with excellent security.

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Hello World! Announcing Dapper Linux

18 April 2017 by Matthew Ruffell Thoughts

My name is Matthew Ruffell, and I'm a computer scientist living in Christchurch, New Zealand with a particular interest in Linux and computer security. I'm still at University, beginning my PhD mid 2016. This blog post represents a huge milestone for me - releasing my own Linux distribution, and starting my first business. Today, I want to tell you all about a little project I have been working on for the past eight months, Dapper Linux.

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