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Dapper Linux is a small and growing community. Tell your friends!

Getting Support

Need help? Want to talk to someone? You can join our IRC channel #dapperlinux on where the developers will lurk from time to time.

Found a bug? Tell us about it! File an issue on this Github repo.

Contacting the Developers

We would like to hear from any users who especially like Dapper Linux, so reach out to us on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook or Github.

You can email us at [email protected], or for any other queries such as custom editions of Dapper Linux for your workplace or organisation, or more information about the company and investment, contact Matthew Ruffell at [email protected]


Wanting to communicate securely or to verify a download? You can download our public key here.

Matthew Ruffell [email protected]
Fingerprint: 9FED F94E 211C A29B FFCF DFAA B3FE 5882 8237 090D

Find Us

Dapper Linux is based at the UC Center of Entrepreneurship, at the University of Canterbury.

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