Hardened Linux Kernel with Dapper Secure Kernel Patchset

Dapper Linux ships with a hardened Linux Kernel, patched with Dapper Secure Kernel Patchset, a continuation of Grsecurity/PaX/RAP. Grsecurity/PaX patches are a true innovation to the Linux security world, and strives to prevent zero day attacks and other advanced threats by eliminating entire bug classes and exploit vectors, rather than fixing individual instances of a problem. The PaX patches pioneered Kernel level ASLR and other important security mitigations, and Dapper Linux ships with applications correctly set up for use with this kernel. The Dappersec kernel provides the core security foundation of Dapper Linux.

Sandboxed Applications with Flatpak

Flatpak is an application sandboxing and distribution framework. Applications run securely sandboxed by bwrap, an innovation by project atomic. Portals allow access to the underlying system and access to things like the filesystem and networking can be easily restricted or allowed. Flatpak allows applications to be paired with a runtime, say a particular version of Gnome. Applications can then be started with that particular version, regardless of what updates the operating system has applied.

Hardened Browsing with Dual Browsers

Two browsers are provided to aid your privacy. One is completely stock Firefox and can be customised as wished, and the other is known as Dapper Hardened Browser, an innovation from the authors of Dapper Linux. Dapper Hardened Browser has its settings set for maximum privacy out of the box, and enjoys the following preinstalled add-ons: NoScript, UMatrix, UBlock Origin, Decentraleyes, Self Smart Referer, Disconnect, Privacy Badger and HTTPS Everywhere.

Intrusion Detection Systems

Dapper Linux comes with intrusion detection systems built in, and ready to detect any nasties that attempt to get in. Host based intrustion detection systems include chkrootkit and rkhunter to find system rootkits, tripwire for seeing changes to files on disk, and in the future snort will be added for full network coverage. Watch this space!

Large Application Base

Dapper Linux ships with a large useful application base, to get you up and running faster and doing the things you love. Dapper Linux comes with applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Libreoffice, GIMP, Inkscape and VLC, with more to be discovered. Dapper Linux includes a full collection of media codecs, meaning you can enjoy your music and videos right away. C Compilers and essential programming tools are available to aid development, and a full LaTeX distribution is provided along with LyX to typeset your academic reports and papers.

Full Hard Disk Encryption

Dapper Linux is able to utilise full hard disk encryption to keep your data safe. Encryption is implemented with a LUKS container, and swap is encrypted too. This encryption is transparent, so you unlock your computer during startup, and not have to worry about entering passwords again.

Simply check the encryption box when installing Dapper Linux, and enter in a passphrase, and the installer does all the heavy lifting for you. /boot is encrypted too, which prevents evil maid attacks. LUKS Keyfiles are used so you only need to enter your passphrase once each boot.

DNSSEC by Default

Dapper Linux includes dnssec-trigger and unbound which act as a local DNS resolver, which checks and ensures all of your DNS queries are protected by DNSSEC, a new standard which signs queries and prevents tampering. DNSSEC works seamlessly out of the box, with no configuration required. With DNSSEC, when you connect to a domain, you can be confident that you are connecting to that exact domain, and not another server controlled by attackers.

Defined Dark Themes with Minimilistic Styling

Dapper Linux comes with an attractive dark theme, Dapper Dark. Dapper Dark has been in development for a few years, and takes the best parts from the themes Phosphene and Arc-Dark to create a modern desktop environment. All programs have been set to display their minimum UI, making for a clean minimalistic experience.

Simple Installation

Installing Dapper Linux is a simple and familiar process. Simply open up the installer, select your language, create your user account and start installing! Calamares, the Dapper Linux installer, does all the hard work for you.

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