Speaking About Dapper Secure Kernel Patchset at Linux.conf.au 2019

26 January 2019| Category: Thoughts|

Recently, I was given the opportunity to speak at Linux.conf.au 2019 about my experience maintaining Dapper Secure Kernel Patchset. My talk, Maintaining the Unmaintainable: Picking up the Baton of a Secure Kernel Patchset is a good primer on how the patchset works, and was well received by the audience.

In the talk, I speak about my motivations behind forking the final grsecurity patchset, the primary features of the patchset and a little on how they work, and what it takes to maintain a patchset of this size, as well as the problems that come along with it. I spent a lot of time planning what I wanted to say, and I practiced the talk one or two times a day, every day for about two weeks straight. Being able to polish your talk and be confident in presenting it is very important.

Public speaking is a fantastic way to tell the world what you have been doing, and a great way to meet new people. I encourage you to give it a try! - Matthew Ruffell, Founder

The talk has been uploaded to YouTube by the conference organisers, so make sure to watch it below, and share it around to other people who like kernel hardening. While you are at it, also have a look at the other talks at the conference. There were plently of interesting ones, and I enjoyed attending as many sessions as I could.

You can find a copy of the slides here.

I found Linux.conf.au to be a fantastic experience, and I will try to speak again next year! I just need something to speak about, so watch this space!

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